Photo of Megan Adams Brooks

Megan Adams

Megan Adams Brooks had no choice but to be creative, heavily influenced by her grandmother’s taste and her father’s art collection she was drawn to painting and expressing herself at an early age. Megan came into her own while studying at Southern Methodist University where she expanded into print making and oil painting. Her curiosity was peaked and led her to receive her MFA in fibers from the University of North Texas. Here, Megan learned all the different ways to make fabric, delving into embroidery, weaving and silk screen printing. Her entrepreneurial spirit wanted to make art a viable career, so she went to Blue Print located in Dallas and sold her first silk screened painting and Megan Adams Brooks was born.


Megan Adams Brooks and Bianca Watson met years ago through mutual friends. They quickly realized they had worked side by side in the print making studio at Southern Methodist University’s art department. They shared a mutual admiration for their shared professors Bill Komodore and Larry Scholder. Their love of color, design, and laughing led them to collaborate and create this new collection: Megan Adams + Watson.

Photo of Megan Adams Brooks and Bianca Watson

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